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Keys To Hope and Healing

This is a 6 week secular program that begins your healing journey. It starts by you realizing you are not alone.  That you are free to discuss your feelings, tell your story if you want, with no fear of judgement or condemnation.

It is offered 1:1, small group, virtual or in-person.*

Download a free copy at: Support After Abortion Store


Go to supportafterabortion.com.

They offer: Keys to Hope and Healing for Men.

Also offered, a weekly drop in Base Camp. No application is needed. No agenda. Go to Support After Abortion and watch a short video explaining more about these gatherings.*

Unraveled Roots:  Coming Soon

Ever wonder why you do what you do?   And then do it again?

This 6 week program is designed to give you some insight into that question as you unravel your past.  It covers subjects dealing with abandonment, addiction, abuse and codependency. It helps identify the reasons for your behaviors.  Which can help you move forward in a healthier and more self-assured beliefs about yourself.

You can find Unraveled Roots self-help videos on the Support After Abortion website. Just click on the link above.

* All groups are facilitated by trained volunteers. They are not professional therapists.